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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I recover my password?

Click Here to change your password.


On your main log-in page there is a link. Once you click on it you will be asked to provide your email address and enter the provided security code (image provided in the form). An email will be sent to you with your temporary password.

  1. How do I change my password?

From the Emergency Preparedness Center page go to Account > My Account. From there your user profile will be displayed. Under the password heading enter a new password and save. You will have to use the password convention.

  1. Can I use an existing sentinel “username” and “password” for more than one client account?

No. Each user name and password must be unique.

  1. How do I get more call credits?

There are several ways to order more credits:

Call us at (506) 547-8118;
Write us a note at;

By Clicking Here

You will be prompted before every message is sent with your current account balance. You can also view the status of your call credit pool from your Sentinel account on the Preparedness Page.

  1. How many call credits are used when I send a voice alert?

A voice credit is counted for every block of 30 seconds. For example, if your message is 47 seconds long (the system will prompt you with message length when you are recording it) and you are sending it to 150 people the credits will be used as follows: 2 credits (one for 30s plus another for the extra 17s) X 150 people = 300 credits.

  1. How many call credits are used when I send a fax alert?

Fax credits are calculated by page. A 2-page fax message sent out to 20 recipients would consume 40 credits (2p X 20r = 40cr).

  1. How many call credits are used when I send a text alert?

Text or SMS credits are simple. One (1) credit will be used to send a text to each recipient. Using the previous example, it will require 150 SMS credits to send one (1) message to 150 people.

  1. Does Facebook, Twitter and email alerts require call credits?

No. Facebook, Twitter and email alerts do not require call credits. They are unlimited features of Sentinel Alerts.

  1. On what type of device can I access my Sentinel account?

You can access Sentinel’s subscription service on any appropriately sized mobile web device such as tablets, smart phones and portable computers. If you are concerned about screen size, you can use the mobile version on any smart phone with a data package.

  1. Can I access my existing social media accounts with my Sentinel account?

Yes. You can link your Sentinel account to a variety of social networks (SN), including Facebook and Twitter. More details on how this is accomplished can be found in the Operating Guide.

  1. Why is my profile list empty?

User profile settings are managed by your Sentinel Super User or Administrators. If your list of profiles are empty, this means that this feature is not currently used in your account. Talk to your Sentinel Administrator or if you are the SA for your organizations Sentinel account, read Chapter "10" in the Operators Guide.

  1. What type of training is available for Sentinel Systems?

Sentinel offers a wide array of training options from online tutorials to onsite sessions. To view our current roster of training aids Click Here.

  1. What is Sentinel Systems Privacy Policy?

Click Here to see our Privacy Policy.