Sentinel Systems Limited

A Winning Team

Our award winning team of technology experts and certified Emergency Management professionals have developed Disaster Response Solutions and worked with Defence, Police, Fire and EMO officials for the past 10 years.


We derive great satisfaction from doing what we are good at, that is, providing the Emergency Management (EM) and Business Contiuity Planning (BCP) community with the best technology and help available. However, we ARE thankful for the recognition we have received over the years. (and the after parties) Thanks!

 Rising Start, Tech Industry, Denis Desrosiers (2005);

 Kira Nomination for "Star Up of the Year" (2010);

 Kira Nomination for "Best Technological Advancement, Private Sector" (2010);

 Innovation Award (2010);

 Wallace McCain Institute: Top 15 HGP Entrepreneurs Atlantic, Denis Desrosiers (2010).