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Public Alerting

Whether you are building a reverse 9-1-1 database or a Mass Emergency Notification System, a common problem exists: How do I reach people through their cell phone number? Commercially availble data sets will provide you with contact information but not many Telco's can provide cell numbers.

Furthermore, many countries have robust privacy laws governing the use of private contact data. By upgrading your Sentinel Alerts with our Public Registration Portal, you can solve both of these issues. Members of the public (or your employees) can register to receive alerts from you or your website and THEY provide both the data and the consent to use it!

Public Alerting

Here are some of the other features of the service: 

 Fully hosted and linked to your community or corporate web page

 Individuals can register up to 5 addresses and contact info combinations

 Users can also opt-in for Facebook and Twitter updates from you

 The Registration Site is tailored to the "look-and-feel" of your web site 


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