Sentinel Systems Limited

Sentinel Emergency Command

Sentinel Emergency Command is an integrated multi-user web console that allows a common disaster response view. Integrated with both Sentinel Emergency Preparedness and Sentinel Alerts the console offers one command interface to all the tools in a simple to use, quick access interface. Among the features of Emergency Command are significant events tracking, asset management, communications, reporting and integrated mapping.

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Sentinel Emergency Preparedness

The Emergency preparedness module offers a Risk Assessment tool that was developed with the participation of Public Safety officials and guides emergency planners through a five step process to ultimately build a risk profile for their jurisdiction. The risk profile is a useful addition to the work of emergency planners as they plan response protocols. Sentinel Emergency Preparedness Center is also equipped with routines that automate the updating of information addressing the main criticism of emergency planning which is the relevance or validity of the plans and their associated data sets.

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Sentinel Alerts

Sentinel Alerts is a web-based public warning utility allowing emergency responders to efficiently communicate timely information. Utilizing the latest technical advancements in text messaging, bulk email and phone broadcasting Sentinel Alerts provides the capability to reach thousands of individuals within minutes. Emergency Managers can quickly call in their responders when a major event has started, can better coordinate field efforts, or broadcast real-time emergency information to the public.

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