Sentinel Systems Limited

Industry Acronyms

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ALE Annualised Loss Exposure or Expectancy
ALERT Automated Local Evaluation in Real Time
ANS Alert and Notification System
ASOS Automated Surface Observing System
ATCs Advanced Treatment Centers
AVSAG Antiviral Scientific Advisory Group
BC Business Continuity
BC Plan Business Continuity Plan
BCC Business Unit BCM Coordinator
BCCA Business Continuity Certified Auditor
BCCE Business Continuity Certified Expert
BCCLA Business Continuity Certified Lead Auditor
BCCP Business Continuity Certified Planner
BCCS Business Continuity Certified Specialist
BCMBoK Body of Knowledge
BCMS Business Continuity Management System (BCMS)
BCP Business Continuity Planning
BIA Business Impact Analysis
BRP Resumption Planning
BU Business Unit
CANUTEC Canadian Transport Emergency Centre
CBA Cost/Benefit Analysis
CBF Critical Business Functions
CBRN Chemical, biological, and radio-nuclear
CCUs Casualty Collecting Units
CDC Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
CEPC Canadian Emergency Preparedness College
CESSD Council of Emergency Social Services Directors
CFIA Canadian Food Inspection Agency
CIP Critical Infrastructure Protection
CL Competency Level
CM Crisis Management
CM Plan Crisis Management Plan
CMCE Crisis Management Certified Expert
CMCP Crisis Management Certified Planner
CMCS Crisis Management Certified Specialist
CMED Central Medical Emergency Depot
CMP Crisis Management Planning
CMT Crisis Management Team
COOP Continuity of Support Plan
CRC Canadian Red Cross
DA Damage Assessment
DA Team Damage Assessment Team
DART Disaster Assistance Relief Team
DCPEP Directorate for Civil Protection and Emergency Planning
DEM Department of Emergency Management
DMORT Disaster Mortuary Operational Response Team
DND Department of National Defense
DR Disaster Recovery
DR Plan Disaster Recovery Plan
DR Team Disaster Recovery Team
DRCE Disaster Recovery Certified Expert
DRCP Disaster Recovery Certified Planner
DRCS Disaster Recovery Certified Specialist
DRP Disaster Recovery Planning
DRP Team Disaster Recovery Planning Team
DSNS Division of Strategic National Stockpile
EAS Emergency Alert System
EC Emergency Coordinators
EC Environment Canada
ECC Emergency Command Center
EMO Emergency Measures Organization
EMS Emergency Medical Services
EOC Emergency Operations Center
EOC Emergency Operations Center
EPC Emergency Preparedness Center
EPC Emergency Preparedness Canada (now OCIPEP)
EPREG Emergency Preparedness and Response Expert Group
FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency (U.S.A.)
FMS Federal Medical Stations
FNEP Federal Nuclear Emergency Plan
FPT Federal, provincial and territorial
GHSAG Global Health Security Action Group
GIS Geographic Information system
GoC Government of Canada
HA High Availability
HAZMAT Hazardous Material
HEMB Health Emergency Management Branch
IC Incident Commander
ICS Incident Command Systems
IHRs International Health Regulations
IM Incident Management
IM Plan Incident Management Plan
INES International Nuclear Event Scale
IR Incident Response
IR Plan Incident Response Plan
MAD Maximum Allowable Downtime
MAO Maximum Acceptable Outage
MAOT Maximum Acceptable Outage Time
MASAS Multi-Agency Situational Awareness System
MBCO Minimum Business Continuity Objective
MCC Multi-Agency Coordination Center
MFA Ministry of Foreign Affairs
MTD Maximum Tolerable Downtime
MTPD Maximum Tolerable Period of Disruption
NAPAPI North American Plan for Avian and Pandemic Influenza
NAS National Antiviral Stockpile
NAS Network Attached Storage
NESS National Emergency Stockpile System
NSP National Support Plan
OCIPEP Office of Critical Infrastructure Protection and Emergency Preparedness
OEP Occupant Emergency Planning
OERS Office of Emergency Response Services
PD Plan Development
PEOC Provincial Emergency Center
PHEP Public Health and Emergency Preparedness
PM Project Management
PWGSC Public Works and Government Services Canada
RA Risk Analysis
RAID Redundant Arrays of Independent Disks
RAR Risk Analysis & Review
RCMP Royal Canadian Mounted Police
RFP Request for Proposal
RM Risk Management
RPO Recovery Point Objective
RS Business Continuity Strategy
RTO Recovery Time Objective
SAN Storage Area Network
SDLC System Development Life Cycle
SLA Service Level Agreement
SMS Short Message Service
TC Transport Canada
TDG Transportation of dangerous goods
TE Testing and Exercising
UNHRD United Nations Humanitarian Response Depot
UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply
WHO World Health Organization


Sentinel Systems Ltd, Business Continuity Management Institute (BCM Institute), Public Health Agency of Canada, Federal Emergency Management Agency (USA).